The Common Room, Newcastle

The Common Room in Newcastle. Previously the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers the building has recently reopened after a massive refurbishment project that has brought it back to its former glory. This model contains over 30,000 LEGO pieces and is now on permanent display on the first floor of this stunning building just a one minute walk from Central Station.

The model also includes some interior spaces, most notably the Wood Memorial Hall which houses an impressive library. There is also a cut-away to see inside the lecture theatre.

Find out more about The Common Room here. If you want to be immortalised on the build you can Buy a Brick here and have your name printed on a tile and placed on the model.

The model was built in my studio in North Shields over the previous year – a very stop-start process due to the pandemic and delays to the opening of The Common Room. I’d estimate 4 months of work spread out over that time. As with all my bespoke LEGO models there is very little glue – just some parts held in place but none that fulfils a structural role. Printing of the stained glass windows on clear LEGO pieces was by the brilliant Fab Bricks. All parts are genuine LEGO, though some non-standard connections and techniques are of course used!