Welcome to Brick This! I’m a professional Lego model maker, specialising in architectural work.

How did that come about?

Well, I’ve worked for the last 10 years as a freelance architectural photographer based in the North East of England. This career drew on a deep interest in the built environment. I’ve also always loved Lego.

Those interests of architecture and Lego came together in 2013 with a hobby build of my home, and then the BALTIC art gallery in Gateshead. Things ticked along nicely for a while, and one thing that became very clear was that People Love Lego! So much so that getting interest in the press and on social media seemed to be far easier for my Lego creations that for my photography!

So I created Brick This. Early commissions included Maggie’s Centre and the plans for Tynemouth Outdoor Pool. Hobby builds included Newcastle Civic Centre and the Angel of the North.

In 2016 things really started to take off, with the Centre for Life in Newcastle booking me for a three month exhibition that starts in January 2017. ‘North East Lego Landmarks’ will feature around 10 of my models. Commissions have continued to come in from a range of clients and I’m really excited about the direction Brick This is heading. I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn a living from building Lego models!

Lego lovers all over the world are creating amazing models covering all themes, from mosaics to recreations of movie scenes to fantasy-inspired landscapes to steampunk spaceships to full-sized cars to enigma machines – you name it. Just have a look and you’ll be amazed. So what’s my angle? Well, my interest is simple. I want build  recreations of real-life buildings, structures and landscapes in as much detail as possible given the scale I’m working at. My work is done if a first glance of a photograph of one of my models tricks people into thinking it’s the real thing!

Building Lego models professionally needs a number of skills and knowledge which just seem to have come together nicely for me. I love Lego and have a deep knowledge of building techniques and all the pieces available. I have good visual-spatial skills to be able to manipulate pieces in my mind and imagine how they might produce a given look. I have a deep interest in architecture and my years of working as an architectural photographer have taught me to study details very closely. Perhaps most importantly, though, I have patience and perseverance! That more than anything else means that models I start get finished!

Please get in touch if you want to discuss a potential project. There really is nothing that can’t be built out of Lego with a bit of imagination, creativity, and patience!

Lego architect - Steve Mayes

(It should be pointed out that I’m not an employee of Lego and have no affiliation to the company, and I’m not endorsed by Lego.)

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