Commission a bespoke LEGO model

If you're looking to commission a bespoke LEGO model please get in touch. I specialise in creating models primarily of architecture, vehicles and other objects. These vary in size from a few hundred pieces to 100,000, and in all projects accuracy and capturing the essence of the subject matter is paramount. For a video intro to my work, see here.

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A LEGO commission starts with finding out what the model is for, whether it be a crowd-drawer for a tourist destination or a promotional tool for an architect or a corporate gift. Is scale and accuracy vital or it it more about the wow-factor (or both!). If a building, is it the exterior or interior that is of more interest? Cut-aways of interior spaces and lighting can really add to a build but need to be planned in from the start. 

Some models involve a digital design stage but with large bespoke LEGO models I tend to build directly from plans and photographs. Digital design is essential for projects where the client wants models with instructions that their visitors or customers can build themselves - examples include my Peace Tower and St. James' Park.

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