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Commission a
bespoke LEGO® Model

I specialise in creating custom LEGO models primarily of architecture, vehicles and other objects. Projects tend to be of two kinds. Exhibition models are delivered complete, and can often take weeks or months to build. Custom kits are where the recipient gets to build the model, and thus tend to be smaller. Such projects are often for companies looking to give away a corporate gift and can be supplied in quantities from one to a few hundred.

In all projects accuracy and capturing the essence of the subject matter is paramount.

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Sustainability in eco models

Leading the way in using LEGO to explore how we move to a low-carbon world

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Work With Me

A LEGO commission starts with finding out what the model is for, whether it be a crowd-drawer for a tourist destination or a promotional tool for an architect or a corporate gift.

Is scale and accuracy vital or it it more about the wow-factor (or both!). If a building, is it the exterior or interior that is of more interest? Cut-aways of interior spaces and lighting can really add to a build but need to be planned in from the start.

With all I do I aim to produce models that people find inspiring, and I am very passionate about my work. After all, who doesn’t want to play for a living?!

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