105 Victoria Street

Over six months in development and using well over 100,000 pieces, this is one of the largest – and most challenging – LEGO models I’ve ever produced! 105 Victoria Street is currently being built in central London, near Westminster, and my recreation is now in the marketing suite nearby. Unlike many of my builds, this one had to be built from plans and CGI, as it doesn’t exist yet in real life.

The model has a complete lighting system, and includes every floor plate to allow the client to show prospective tenants the office space they might let. So unlike many of my large builds which are effectively hollow, this one needed an extensive and complex interior structure.

The model is built in ten sections, including interior blocks that can be lifted out for ease of transportation. As with all my models every piece is genuine LEGO, with no custom, cut or re-coloured parts.

It was a pleasure to build, but I’m glad its now safely on display!