Sudbury Hall

The National Trust’s Sudbury Hall has recently reopened as The Children’s Country House at Sudbury, and as part of their new offering they commissioned a LEGO model of the main building.

For this project, the client wanted the model to be built entirely in white pieces, despite the building not being white! Visitors are encouraged to build colourful creations out of loose LEGO to surround the centrepiece model. The resulting model is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve worked on, and I love the monochrome effect, especially when contrasted with the bright additions!

The model measures approx 1m wide, and as usual I have no idea how many pieces are used, but probably in the region of 20,000.

The model was built mostly in 2021 and delivered early in 2022 but has been under wraps until they reopened in October 2022.

As with all my large one-off models, the process involved no digital design and was built using photographs of the building. The diagonal pattern on the exterior of the real building was tricky to recreate and the solution, whilst not perfect, gives a pretty good nod towards it. There is no structural glue but a little was used for some of the more delicate pieces. Interior lighting is provided by a string of LEDs lights and the model was supplied with a protective case.