Stephenson’s Rocket

Stephenson’s Rocket is one of the most iconic locomotives in the world, and changed transport forever. This one was created for a display of great achievements at Centre for Life in Newcastle. This model has upwards of 8,000 pieces (excluding the track with has thousands of 1×1 round studs!). It also has a firebox that lights up.

The Rocket has particular significance to me as it was built in Newcastle, just a few miles from my studio, in 1829. I’ve built a few versions over the years, including a custom kit that I released as a Limited Edition in 2023.

As with all my builds, this model contains only official LEGO pieces and colours, with some bespoke printing on pearl gold tiles for the sign on the side. It is based on the replica on display at the National Railway Museum in York, a version that I find very striking with its gold and black colouring.