LEGO Heart

This fantastic project for Newcastle Hospitals Charity involved the creation of a one-off display LEGO model of a human heart, along with a much smaller kit for people to build. The main model was an unusual subject matter for me – I usually stick to architecture and objects that are often easier to convert to LEGO form! The outside of the heart is covered in all sorts of random pieces to make it interesting to look at, and includes elements such as a snake, a guitar, apples, cherries and a butterfly.

The model was unveiled at Eldon Square in Newcastle in 2022, where visitors got to build a mini heart. The model was then moved to its permanent home at the Institute of Transplantation at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

The smaller kit, with just 52 pieces, was created for an event held at Eldon Square in Newcastle in February 2023. Fifty kits were available on a first-come-first-served basis. Visitors young and old enjoyed building them.

This type of project is becoming more and more popular for me now, with the creation of a display model and then also a much smaller version to get people involved. See here to find out more about my custom LEGO kits.