Integrated Energy System.

Built for the National Nuclear Laboratory, this LEGO model demonstrates an energy system of the future, and how nuclear can play an important role. The micro-scale model of a fictional geographical area includes off-shore and on-shore wind farms, hydrogen trains, carbon capture technology and solar farms. There are also three types of nuclear facilities: a gigawatt reactor, Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR) and a Small Modular Reactor (SMR). Crucially, the model aims to show how the different technologies are linked. For example, excess heat from nuclear facilities can go to directly heat nearby homes, and isotopes used in the medical and space sectors.

The model measures 80×100 cm and took over 4 months to create. It includes a lighting system that allows users to light up different types of technology. It has over 20,000 genuine LEGO pieces! It was created initially for NNL to present at Nuclear Week in Parliament in September 2023, and then featured at New Scientist Live at the London ExCel Centre in October 2023. It will continue to be used by NNL to demonstrate the important role of nuclear.