In 2020 LEGO and IKEA joined forces to release a new range of BYGGLEK storage boxes available at IKEA. I was deeply honoured to be sent some prior to release to see how I could make use of them, and for some of my images to be used by LEGO to promote the product on their social media channels. See here for my appearance on the LEGO Instagram feed. I think its the first time I’ve had any direct sharing of my work by LEGO themselves, so I was pretty excited!

Part storage solution, part toy, the boxes come in 4 sizes, and all have lids with studs on, making them a great starting point for your own creations. They stack together in a very satisfying way too! You can see the BYGGLEK range here.

I used mine to create a number of models, including this mountain scene where the boxes are stacked. They’re a great product – the high quality that you would expect from LEGO – that look great as storage boxes or display bases.

Other LEGO artists around the world were sent boxes too, and there are some brilliant images out there of how they have been used.

This led to some of my North East models being displayed in the Gateshead LEGO store.