At over 25,000 parts and featuring a detailed interior as well as exterior, my Guisborough Town Hall LEGO model is one of the largest models I’ve produced in recent years. The stunning building in the centre of Guisborough has undergone a transformation over the past couple of years into a large group accommodation venue, plus information centre for those wanting to explore the nearby North York Moors National Park.

Guisborough Town Hall

This custom model has taken over 18 months to produce, in two main stages. The first, back in 2020, was to construct the exterior shell. This was done in layers (somewhat like the modular LEGO buildings, though much larger!), one for each of the three floors and the roof. The interior was left empty. The second stage was to construct the interior and to add the furniture, a process that I couldn’t start until the actual works had been completed late 2021.

Each floor has a wooden base but otherwise the model is all official LEGO pieces with no glue used. Interior lighting is provided by two separate LEDs systems.

This project was unusual for me in that so much of the interior has been modelled too. If you visit, you’ll see a cut-away round the back to show parts of the interior, and you can also see the rooms through the windows.

The model is on permanent display in the building, and of course the model has its own even diddier version inside it!