Enigma Machine

This life-sized LEGO replica of an Enigma Machine was created for an exhibition about great achievements; the cracking of the code against all odds played a pivotal part in the defeat of the Nazis in the second world war.

The model is as faithful to the real thing as I could make it, and one of only a few that I’ve done at the actual size (its in fact a tiny bit bigger as the technique used to create the keys was not possible any smaller). The lid lifts, as does the internal section to reveal the rotors. The front unlatches to allow access to the plugboard. The plugs are detachable, and the keys can be depressed. But no, it doesn’t ‘work’! The printed keys were a special touch, and as usual I used Fab Bricks to print them directly on the LEGO pieces.

This model was a pleasure to build and one of my favourites – the overall level of accuracy is pretty good, I think, with not too many compromises! It can be seen on display at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. Special thanks also to the Discovery Museum who allowed me access to their real one as research.

A video of the model with the moving parts can be viewed on my YouTube channel here: LEGO Enigma Machine.