The Bowes Museum

At around 40,000 pieces, my Bowes Museum model is one of the largest architectural builds I’ve completed. The 1.8m long model is a faithful (near enough!) replica of the beautiful museum in Barnard Castle, County Durham.

Built by John and Josephine Bowes as a world-class museum, Bowes is a jewel in the North East’s crown, and well worth a visit. The model was created as a centrepiece for their Building the Bowes Museum exhibition running from May to October 2019.

As with all my custom LEGO builds, accuracy was of great importance to me. The project involved extensive research into the features of the building, including visits to photograph the building. The model is primarily an exterior-only build, but there is a cut-away showing one of the galleries, visible at the rear. This gallery has miniature versions of some of the paintings printed onto LEGO pieces!

The model is on permanent display at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle.