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If you want to get in touch give me a call:

0191 659 7907 or 07989 349467

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8 responses to “Contact me

  1. Hi

    Is the Newcastle Civic Centre model a one off, or can I buy the model

    Your work is fantastic

    Look forward to hearing from you



    • Thanks! In theory I’m happy to sell replicas, though really I do them as one-offs as they tend to work out pretty expensive! For example, my Civic Centre one I’d have to put a £1500 price on it to cover bricks and time to build.



  2. Hi, my son Tayler is 11 and is a lego enthusiast!! We have seen your designs and creations on the news last night which has inspired him even more to become a lego designer!!
    Just as an off chance I don’t suppose you know of any “lego clubs” which Tayler could attend? I have searched but sadly not found anything yet and when I saw you ok the news last night I just wondered if you would know of anything! Long shot really but always worth a try!
    Many thanks and keep up the good work!
    Joselyn and Tayler Palmer (aged 11)


    • Hi Joselyn. I’m not sure to be honest! I’ve only got back into Lego in the last few years. A friend says their might be something at Whitley Bay library. There’s also organisations like Northern Brickworks and Brick Alley which you can join. Not sure if any age limits on those… Good luck – hope he keeps up the interest


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