Building Bridges at Maker Faire

What a fantastic weekend! My first experience of Maker Faire as a visitor or exhibitor was great fun. The challenge in my Lego area was to build a bridge that would span the ‘river’ (painted MDF), whilst being high enough to allow a boat to pass, or move in some way. Other than a couple of books about bridges lying around, there was no other instruction or guiding, and the range of bridges that appeared over the two days was brilliant! From 5-minute wonders to carefully thought out and detailed marvels of engineering that took an hour or two, and plenty in between, there was a fantastic display of creativity and imagination. Kids as young as 3 were pleased as punch to put a few pieces together that spanned the river, and plenty of ‘grown ups’ lost themselves for quite some time bringing their visions to life.

Here are a selection of my favourites…


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